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Enterprise Licenses

Explore a commercial license for your product.


Why Yelp Fusion Enterprise?

Go Commercial

A paid Enterprise license is required for commercial consumer-facing product integrations.

Higher API Call Limit

Your product may require additional API calls to meet user demand. Enterprise unlocks your rate limit bump.

Richer Features

In certain cases, you may seek additional business attributes such as “Ambience” or “Good for Kids.”

Super Specific Search

Access custom filters for “Noise Level” or “Happy Hour” and elevate your consumer experience.

Hop on Our Radar

If you’re building the next big thing, we can help and should definitely be in touch.

A Step Ahead

We’re always working on new Yelp Fusion features and functionality. You’ll be on the inside track with an Enterprise license.

Ready for Yelp Fusion Enterprise?

Every app, site and service has different needs. We are here to help your organization deliver a product experience that your customers will love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yelp Fusion Enterprise for me?

We’re glad you asked. Yelp Fusion Enterprise was designed for people and teams with innovative needs who are building with unique product requirements.

Can I receive additional access later if my user base grows or my needs evolve?

Absolutely. So long as our Display Requirements and API Terms of Use are met, your Yelp Fusion Enterprise license scales with your user base.

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